Are you tired of looking tired all the time? Deep lines on your forehead between your eyebrows can make you look angry and tired, even when you aren’t.

You may have thought about getting a facelift or other treatment but have had doubts about the results. What if you could get those deep lines and wrinkles relaxed without surgery or worries about unnatural looking results? With Dysport, you can do all of that and see immediate, long-lasting results! Learn more during a consultation with us at Capitis Medical & Aesthetics in San Diego and Roseville, CA!

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is an injection of purified botulinum toxin type A. It is a neuromuscular blocking toxin, similar to Botox. Dysport injections relax the muscles that furrow your forehead to give you a relaxed and natural look.


How Does It Work?

Dysport works by temporarily preventing the muscle contractions that lead to wrinkles. The practitioner will make small injections across your brow line to specifically target the muscles causing your wrinkles. The procedure usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

How Is Dysport Different from Botox?

Dysport and Botox are very similar since they are made from the same basic substance. However, there are a few differences in results. The effects from Dysport are generally seen more quickly than Botox. The lasting effects also differ between these injectables. Some people have longer lasting results from Dysport and others from Botox. Many people are trying both neuromodulators to see which one has better results for them personally. Both of these injectable treatments may be viable options for individuals who are seeking non-surgical methods of smoothing dynamic lines, and a consultation with our professional staff can help you determine which could be better suited for you.

When Will I See Results?

Most people see immediate results within two to three days after treatment. Effects of Dysport may last for up to four months, and consecutive treatments may help maintain and enhance the best results. Results will vary for each person.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Treatment?

Anyone who wants to smooth wrinkles and lines on their face could be a good candidate for Dysport. Most generally healthy adults seeking a way to smooth the appearance of lines without surgery may benefit from this injectable.

Dysport is best for those who want to focus on lines on their brow, forehead and smile lines as those areas are most affected by muscles. As this injectable achieves results by altering the relationship between nerve signals and muscles, his injectable can only be used for dynamic lines. Dynamic lines are created by natural facial movements and expressions.