Getting older is unavoidable, especially when it comes to the visible signs of aging. As the years go by, visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and lost volume can show up and begin to take a toll on our self-esteem. Fortunately, the experts at Capitis Medical & Aesthetics in Roseville, CA know that dermal fillers like Juvederm are universal treatments for a wide variety of age-related concerns.

How Long Does Juvederm Last?

One of the best things about the Juvederm collection of fillers is how long the results of the treatments are expected to last. Most fillers in this collection can produce results for over nine to 12 months at a time. Some people may be able to experience results that last longer depending on factors such as age, skincare habits, and how well you respond to the filler formula.

What Is Juvederm and How Does It Work?

Juvederm is a collection of dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid gel formulas. Like other dermal fillers, this collection is used for a variety of age-related concerns. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are well-tolerated by most people and can significantly improve the visible signs of aging.  

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are sometimes the most successful anti-aging treatments because of the way hyaluronic acid interacts with the sub-dermal layers of the skin. In particular, hyaluronic acid is known to increase collagen production naturally, which means that these dermal fillers will immediately restore lost volume – and increase skin volume for a long period of time. Some specific areas of concern these fillers can help with include:

Lip Enhancement

Full and plush lips are undoubtedly a sign of youth. Whether you have naturally thin lips or the natural aging process has caused the appearance of your lips to thin over time, dermal lip fillers can immediately increase lip volume with natural-looking results. For this collection of fillers, Volbella is the best filler option to increase lip volume and contour the appearance of the lips. You can use lip fillers to make subtle or dramatic corrections in lip appearance or even correct the symmetry of the lips.

Contouring and Shaping

While dermal fillers are most well known for restoring facial volume and addressing other visible signs of aging, it’s also common for dermal fillers to be used to contour and shape the face to achieve certain aesthetic goals. For example, dermal fillers in this collection can be used to augment the nose tip, the shape of the cheekbones, and even the angle of the jawline.  

Contouring and shaping the face with dermal fillers is sometimes necessary because of the natural aging process. For example, if you are experiencing volume loss on bony areas of your face, such as the cheeks or temples, then your appearance may appear harsh. Using a dermal filler to contour these areas can soften your overall appearance.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Correcting fine lines and wrinkles on the face is an essential goal for anti-aging treatments. The fillers in this collection can be used on virtually all areas of the mid-face to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This can even include restoring volume that causes verticle lip lines or early fine lines around the nose and mouth.

As for wrinkles, most patients are relieved to learn that this collection of fillers can be used to address mild, moderate, and severe signs of aging. In other words, these are universal dermal fillers that can treat wrinkles such as:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines 
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Bunny lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Downturned mouth corners

Sagging Skin

One of the most dreaded signs of aging is sagging skin in the mid-face, which creates heavy jowls that can weigh down your appearance. Heavy jowls are caused by loose or sagging skin that displaces the fat pads in the cheeks. Using a dermal filler, the appearance of sagging skin and heavy jowls can be corrected without cosmetic surgery.

Volume Loss

Finally, general volume loss in the mid-face can increase the appearance of visible aging. Not only does lost volume contribute to loose skin and wrinkles, but it can also make the face appear harsh or bony. Dermal fillers can be used to increase the volume of the skin to soften the visible signs of aging and create subtle, natural-looking results.

What Should You Expect From Treatment?

Your treatment will start with a consultation appointment where we examine your skin condition and go over your expectations for this treatment. We will help you determine which filler or fillers in this collection is ideal for your age-related concerns. If this is your first time using a dermal filler, you may need to perform a simple allergy test – although hyaluronic fillers like this one are generally known to be hypoallergenic.

Before Your Treatment

There isn’t much you will need to do before your dermal filler appointment. You should avoid excessive sun exposure at least one to two weeks before your appointment and stop using active skincare ingredients at least three to five days before your treatment. You should also stop taking any blood-thinning medications at least three days before your appointment.

During Your Treatment

Your dermal filler appointments will generally take about 30 minutes to complete. Part of your appointment will involve using a topical numbing cream to make your treatment comfortable. Several small injections will be made to each of your target areas of concern until your aesthetic goals are accomplished.

After Your Appointment

After your treatment, you will need to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure you get the results you are looking for. One important guideline to follow will be to avoid touching or rubbing your face for at least 24 to 48 hours. You will have directions on how to wash your face and the types of products you should use for the first one to three days after your appointment. If you desire, you will be able to return to work after your treatment.

What Causes the Visible Signs of Aging?

There is no single factor that contributes to the visible signs of aging. For most people, aging is the result of several factors declining all at once to alter the structure and appearance of the skin. In fact, there is a trio of components widely attributed to the visible signs of aging. When we lose high production of these components, we also lose the appearance of our youthful-looking skin.

Component One: Collagen

Collagen is generally known as the most common protein in the human body and accounts for about 80% of our skin. The collagen in the middle layers of the skin forms a tight foundation for the structure of the skin, particularly when we are young.

As we age, however, we begin to produce less collagen in the sub-dermal layers of the skin, which interferes with the overall structure of the skin. The less collagen we have, the more likely it is that we will develop fine lines, wrinkles, and even hollowness and thin skin. Sometimes, even the tone and evenness of our complexions can suffer without enough collagen.

Component Two: Elastin

Elastin is another important protein in the skin. Elastin is present in most tissues in the body, such as the organ tissues, and is responsible for helping tissues flex and return to their original positions. However, as we age, we begin to produce less elastin in the skin, which causes the skin to become less elastic and less able to return back to its original shape. The depletion of elastin in the skin is one of the reasons why the skin loosens or sags as we age.

Component Three: Hyaluronic Acid

Although hyaluronic acid may be in many beauty products recently, the true origin of this hard-working, ultra-moisturizing molecule can be found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is made and used by the body to keep the skin and connective tissues hydrated. This naturally-occurring sugar molecule is known to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, which helps the skin appear dewy and supple.  

In the sub-dermal layers of the skin, hyaluronic acid is known to increase collagen production and afford skin its “bouncy” texture. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin cells plump and receptive to more moisture, which helps stabilize the tone and appearance of the skin. Just like collagen and elastin, we begin to produce less hyaluronic acid within the skin as we age.

When Do We Start to Lose These Components?

The vitality of youth doesn’t last as long as most people would assume. Many people are surprised to learn that we begin to lose production of these components by as much as 1% each year between the ages of 20 and 25. Since collagen is the most abundant protein, we tend to see the results of collagen decline first, quickly followed by elastin. As we continue to age, the strength of the middle layer of the skin becomes weaker and looser, which is when signs like wrinkles and fine lines begin to form.  

Many wrinkles are first formed in dynamic areas of the face, which are places where the skin is moved by the muscles to form expressions. Over time, these repeated movements will cause lines to form since there are less collagen and elastin to return the natural structure of the skin. The appearance of these lines and wrinkles become deeper as less elastin and collagen are produced until finally, wrinkles become permanent.

What Causes Volume Loss?

Just like with fine lines and wrinkles, volume loss in the face can also be attributed to the slow decline of skin components like collagen and elastin. In some cases, the loss of collagen in the skin can cause fat pads in the cheek to slip, which is what causes the appearance of heavy jowls.  

We tend to lose more volume in areas of the face that are surrounded by bone, such as the area under the eyes and the hollow the cheeks. At first, volume loss related to aging may appear to be face slimming. But as volume loss continues, the growing laxity in the skin and the effects of gravity will create more visible skin looseness.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance With Juvederm

The visible signs of aging are going to happen whether we want them to or not – but fortunately, there are some cosmetic solutions that can help reduce these signs of aging for up to 12 months or more.  If you believe that the Juvederm collection of dermal fillers is a good match for your aesthetic concerns, contact Capitis Medical & Aesthetics in Roseville, CA to schedule your consultation today.