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What to Know More About AquaGold and Its Benefits

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December 02, 2019 | Blog, Medical Spa Info & Tips
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Would you like your face to look “good as gold” with an innovative new treatment combining the benefits of microneedling with some of the most popular injectables on the market? AquaGold is a unique microchanneling facial treatment using a device packing hundreds of thin gold-plated needles to deliver chosen formulas directly into the deeper layers of your skin. It’s a customizable and comfortable treatment ideal for our busy clients, and it’s available at the Roseville and San Diego offices of Capitis Medical and Aesthetics.

Get Better Skin With AquaGold

What Is AquaGold?

This is a microchanneling treatment using a hand-held device with a unique dermal stamp, making it the most effective system for delivering chosen infusions of formulas and ingredients deep into your skin. The Fine Touch stamping device used in every treatment has a densely packed 20 x 24 cluster of needles plated with 24-karat gold, each one thinner than a human hair. The needles are hollow, holding a reservoir of the chosen product as it’s smoothly and quickly fed into the skin with each injection.

What Are the Benefits?

AquaGold is nicknamed the “Red Carpet Treatment” because it’s the perfect choice to make you look your best before a big event. The microneedling effect stimulates your body’s healing factor, triggering collagen growth and firming up the skin to diminish minor fine lines and wrinkles around the face. This will shrink the pores on your face, even in difficult-to-reach areas like the nose. The microscopic punctures will make it easier for your skin to absorb water, preventing dryness and give your skin a healthy glow.

When combined with popular injectables and formulas, you’re promoting long-term skin health because the compounds can to penetrate deeper into your skin and get absorbed into your body more fully.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

This is an all-purpose treatment ideal for clients of all skin types and tones and can be performed in all climates to equal effect. It’s designed for people who want a natural, minimally invasive, non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts. For clients who want a younger and clearer skin tone but don’t want any limitation in facial movement such as is common with injectables, it’s an alternative that gets high marks.

For clients who have an aversion to needles, this treatment is ideal because you’ll never see needles and won’t feel the needles enter your skin. It’s popular among clients looking for a treatment that will have dramatic effects but lets you get back to normal activities immediately with no downtime, recovery, or side effects. The most common conditions treated with this system are fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation issues like rosacea, enlarged pores, and excess sweating or oiliness.

What Is the First Step to Getting AquaGold?

If you think this treatment is right for you, the first step is to schedule a consultation at our San Diego or Roseville offices. There, one of our qualified aesthetics specialists will examine your face and take your full medical history to determine if you’re a good fit for the treatment. The treatment is ideal for anyone without serious skin conditions or allergies that could cause contraindications.

If you’re approved for the treatment, your first appointment will be scheduled and your doctor will advise you on any pre-treatment prep you need to take. As this is a minimally invasive outpatient treatment, no prep is needed besides keeping your face clean of foreign substances, so scrubbing off any makeup before your appointment is recommended.

What Should I Expect at My Appointment?

Although this is not a painful treatment, we recommend applying a topical anesthetic thirty minutes before your Fine Touch treatment to allow us to treat delicate areas like the eyelids, nose, and lips without discomfort. Once your face is numb, your doctor will load the Fine Touch device with your chosen formulas and begin the treatment.

The average treatment takes around thirty minutes, making it’s an ideal choice for lunch-hour clients who need to return to work immediately. After your treatment, you will be free to resume all normal activities.

What Should I Expect After My Treatment?

In the first few hours after your treatment, you may experience some minor redness in the treated areas akin to a mild sunburn. You won’t experience any bleeding, bruising, or swelling such as is common with other microneedling treatments. The effects of the treatment are immediate and most clients leave the office with their skin firmer and more radiant thanks to the stimulation of their skin.

The effects of the chosen formulas vary in how soon they take effect and how long they last. Some will take effect immediately, while others will be infused into your skin and offer you long-term benefits.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The full effects of the treatment will be seen three to seven days after treatment and last between three and four months, depending on the chosen formulas. This is designed as a renewable treatment that can be scheduled regularly, and having treatments every few months will improve overall skin health. As there is no recovery period or need for your skin to heal from damage, treatments can be scheduled as often as every one to three months with the option to switch out the formulas to get wider-reaching benefits.

AquaGold Infusions

One of the biggest perks of this treatment is that it can be different for everyone. Each treatment with the Fine Touch device comes pre-loaded with a selection of the most popular compounds, injectables, and healthy formulas in the aesthetics field. The microchanneling process helps these compounds get deep into the skin with long-lasting results.

Read on for some of the most popular infusions available for your treatment.


Botox is one of the most popular treatments available for eliminating wrinkles and excess sweating, using botulism spores to temporarily paralyzed targeted areas of the face. It’s highly effective, but the restriction in movement and facial expressions is a downside for some clients. This diluted formula has a more superficial effect on the upper layers of the skin, giving you the benefits without the more dramatic effects.

A Micro-Botox infusion offers smoother, more even skin, a reduction in pore size, and improved skin tone. It’s one of the longer-lasting treatments available through microchanneling, lasting up to four months before a new treatment should be scheduled.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in the body found in the extracellular space between cells and is responsible for keeping the skin full, hydrated, and healthy. This is why Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used ingredient in facial fillers and prescription skin-care items. It’s a healthy and natural compound with no side effects and has effects that last between six and eighteen months.

Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in injections, infusions, and facial treatments, but the Fine Touch system lets it penetrate deeper than any of those treatments. A hyaluronic acid treatment on the face can deliver over a year of smooth, radiant, and glowing skin.

Growth Factor Serums

Growth factors are serums that interact with your cells, sending chemical messages to trigger an increase in the production of compounds and chemicals. The most common compound to trigger is collagen, which is produced by the skin and works to thicken the skin and create a fuller, healthier appearance. A decrease in collagen as you get older is one cause of symptoms like wrinkles and loose skin.

When your skin is injected with growth factor serum, it slowly works to boost your natural collagen production and you’ll see the effects over four to eight weeks. The results last up to six months and you won’t have any side effects.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is one of the most powerful serums available in aesthetic treatments, and it’s ideal for anyone who wants to rely on natural treatments. PRP is made from your own blood, spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets and then mixed with vitamin formulas to create a compound with many beneficial effects for your skin.

PRP is a common injection, but the Fine Touch device can distribute it more fully and make the effects last longer. Clients who take PRP infusions will experience increased collagen and elastin growth, a healthier and smoother facial appearance, and long-lasting results. The effects of a PRP infusion will last between twelve and eighteen months.

Vitamin Cocktails

One of the most appealing elements of AquaGold is that you can choose your own treatment by combining the many formulas available. Besides the options we discussed above, we offer a variety of natural vitamin and nutrient cocktails that can protect your skin from the elements, especially during the winter months when the cold air and lack of sun can wear on the skin.

Most of these options can be combined in a single treatment, giving you the benefits of the above options in only one half-hour appointment.

Is AquaGold Right for Me? 8 Questions to Ask

  1. Do you have a big event coming up and want to look red-carpet ready?
  2. Do you want to combine multiple treatments into one quick package?
  3. Do you want a lunch-hour treatment with immediate effects and no downtime or side effects?
  4. Are you looking for the benefits of Botox without the long-term effects on the muscles of your face?
  5. Are you a person with healthy skin looking to eliminate signs of aging or enlarged pores?
  6. Do you want a treatment with all the benefits of microneedling and injectables with no pain?
  7. Are you excited to pick from a variety of healthy, natural infusions?
  8. Does an outpatient, minimally invasive alternative to traditional facelifts appeal to you?


The Red Carpet of Aesthetics Treatments Is Waiting for You

For clients looking for an alternative to traditional facelifts with long-term benefits, the AquaGold Fine Touch treatment has won over countless patients thanks to its comfortable, versatile, and effective delivery system. Your skin’s natural healing process will be stimulated with a device full of hair-thin gold-plated needles delivering natural and healthy compounds deep into your dermis. Every client is different, and the Fine Touch will deliver the treatment that’s right for you from our wide menu of healthy formulas.

AquaGold is only one of the many non-surgical aesthetic treatments that will have you walking in on your lunch hour and walking out looking younger and exuding confidence. If you have a big event coming up or just want a boost to look your best, there is no better time to contact Capitis Medical & Aesthetics at our San Diego or Rosedale offices for more information on our services or to schedule a consultation today.

Please contact Capitis Medical & Aesthetics today if you have any questions.

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