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Skin Rejuvenation FAQs: Is Morpheus8 Permanent?

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October 01, 2020 | Blog, Medical Spa Info & Tips
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If you are an active, busy person who would like to address multiple skin conditions and aesthetic challenges during a single appointment, you should think about receiving a Morpheus8 treatment. At Capitis Medical & Aesthetics in Roseville, California, we can use this state-of-the-art treatment to decrease your wrinkles, minimize your acne scars, and address many other frustrating skin problems.

Skin Rejuvenation FAQs: Is Morpheus8 Permanent?

Morpheus8 is a powerful treatment that uses advanced microneedling technology and radiofrequency energy to change the condition of your skin. Once we use these two techniques to improve your tissues, you will start to create larger amounts of elastin and collagen fibers. These fibrous proteins will make your tissues stronger and more resilient. As these substances build up in your skin, your wrinkles, stretch marks, and other problems will start to improve.

Although this transformation will not be permanent, this treatment will create lasting changes in the condition of your skin. In general, you should expect these improvements to last for up to 12 months. After this point, you will need to receive follow-up sessions to maintain your improved collagen and elastin production. If you receive periodic touch-up sessions, you should be able to preserve the benefits of your initial treatment for a long time.

What Cosmetic Concerns Can This Treatment Address?

We can use this state-of-the-art treatment to fix age-related issues, scars, and many other cosmetic concerns.

Fading Scars and Stretch Marks

If you developed whiteheads, blackheads, and other acne issues when you were a teenager or young adult, you might have visible acne scars on your skin. In addition, going through pregnancy or experiencing rapid changes in your weight can cause you to develop noticeable stretch marks. This treatment is very good at fading stretch marks and acne scars.

Firming Sagging Skin

As you age, your ability to produce collagen and elastin proteins will decrease. Losing these structural proteins will weaken your tissues and cause certain areas of your skin to sag. Our rejuvenating treatment will enhance your production of these powerful proteins and firm your loose skin.

Correcting Lines

Losing collagen and elastin fibers will also increase your risk of developing fine lines and creases on your skin. Your treatment will diminish your creases and give your skin a smooth, refreshed appearance.

Minimizing Sun Damage

The sun sends out ultraviolet rays that will change the structural proteins in your tissues and negatively affect the texture of your skin. Over time, this damage can cause you to experience pigmentation problems, sagging skin, and other issues. This radiofrequency and microneedling treatment will renew your skin and minimize your signs of sun damage.

Why Should I Consider Using This Aesthetic Technique?

There are a number of reasons why you should think about using this technique to improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

It’s Very Versatile

Since this treatment is able to correct a broad range of aesthetic challenges and skin conditions, you will probably benefit from using this technique. In general, you will be a good candidate for this treatment if you are an adult who is dealing with loose skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, or other skin problems. In addition, we can change the depth of our needles and adapt other aspects of your treatment to match the condition of your skin.

Before we perform your rejuvenating treatment, we will take a careful look at your skin and discuss your health. If you are dealing with an acne breakout, infection, or other skin issues, you might have to reschedule your session.

It Uses Your Natural Healing Abilities

Many cosmetic treatments use injectables to temporarily improve the condition of your skin. Although these methods are safe and reliable, you might not want to use these products to change your appearance. Fortunately, we will not give you injections during any of your treatment sessions. Instead, our radiofrequency and microneedling techniques will use your natural healing abilities to firm your skin and correct your aesthetic issues.

It Has a Quick Recovery Period

If you use an invasive procedure to smooth your wrinkles or lift your sagging skin, your recovery period could last for many weeks. This long period of downtime could cause you to miss important family events or significant work deadlines. Further, you might have to hire people to help you with your household chores or childcare duties.

Fortunately, you won’t need to avoid your workplace or household chores when you use this microneedling and radiofrequency treatment to enhance your skin. Since both of these techniques are very safe and gentle, you won’t have to use up your vacation or personal days. Instead, you will be able to go back to your usual routine as soon as your appointment is finished.

How Does This Aesthetic Treatment Work?

This treatment will use the combined power of microneedling and radiofrequency energy to achieve dramatic changes in your skin. During your appointment, we will use a special needling device to create a series of tiny wounds in your skin. Producing these micro-injuries will cause you to create new elastin and collagen proteins. These beneficial proteins will firm your skin and improve your aesthetic challenges.

In addition to triggering your production of structural proteins, our needling device will send radiofrequency energy into several layers of your skin. Since we can adjust the depth of our needles, we will send this energy into the most beneficial locations in your target area. As this energy passes into your tissues, it will firm your skin and minimize the prominence of your cosmetic problems.

Will My Treatment Session Be Comfortable?

This rejuvenating treatment is designed to correct your acne scars, wrinkles, and other aesthetic problems in a gentle, pleasant manner.

Beginning Your Session

To ensure that you feel calm throughout your treatment, we will start your appointment by putting a topical cream onto the surface of your skin. During the next 30 minutes, this anesthetic will numb your nerves and prepare you for the next part of your treatment.

Using ProNox

In addition to providing you with numbing cream, we can give you ProNox during your treatment session. ProNox is a nitrous oxide gas that will ensure that you are calm, confident, and relaxed throughout your appointment.

Completing Your Session

Once the cream has numbed your nerves, we will use our special device to start the microneedling and radiofrequency aspects of your treatment. Although you might feel a gentle sensation of heat, you will be comfortable as we use this device to improve your tissues.

Does This Treatment Have a Lengthy Recovery Period?

Since we may perform your microneedling treatment in connection with other aesthetic techniques, the duration of your recovery period will vary. However, you will probably have a very short period of downtime after you receive your Morpheus8 treatment.

Caring for Your Skin

Although you won’t need to schedule time away from your work, we will ask you not to expose the skin in your treatment area to intense sunlight for several weeks. We will instruct you to use strong sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats while your tissues are responding to your aesthetic treatment.

Changing Your Beauty Routine

To avoid irritating your tissues, you should not use harsh beauty products for a while. If you received several treatments at once, you may have to refrain from wearing makeup for about seven days.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Receive?

If you are trying to correct line fines and other minor aesthetic challenges, we might advise you to receive one treatment session. If you would like to achieve a more dramatic transformation, we may instruct you to get several treatments. If you are receiving multiple treatments, you will need to space out your appointments.

You can learn more about the length of your treatment plan by scheduling an initial consultation with us. After we have analyzed your skin and discussed your aesthetic goals, we will create a personalized beauty plan for you.

How Quickly Will My Aesthetic Issues Improve?

Although your tissues will have a unique response to this microneedling and radiofrequency treatment, you will probably see improvements in your lines, scars, and other problems after a couple of days.

During the next several months, the techniques that we used during your appointment will cause you to create additional elastin and collagen proteins. As the structure of your skin changes, you will see additional improvements in your aesthetic issues. You will probably see the most significant changes in your skin within about three months.

Can I Use Other Techniques to Fix My Aesthetic Challenges?

At Capitis Medical & Aesthetics, we offer an extensive range of aesthetic treatments. We can use many of these techniques in connection with your Morpheus8 treatment. Receiving multiple beauty treatments is a very good way to achieve comprehensive improvements in your appearance.


If you would like to fix your oily skin, wrinkles, lines, and other problems, you should receive a dermalinfusion treatment. During this gentle technique, we will use a special device to buff and exfoliate your skin. We will also clean your pores and infuse customized serums into your tissues. Since this technique is very mild and precise, you will not have any downtime after your dermalinfusion appointment is finished.

Chemical Peels

During a chemical peel, we will use a specially formulated solution to exfoliate your skin. Your peel will remove a layer of dead tissues from your face. Removing this unnecessary material will fix your cosmetic issues and give you a fresh, youthful-looking appearance.

We offer a wide range of different peels. For example, we can use an iS Clinical peel to address your acne problems, pigmentation challenges, and other skin conditions. This type of peel will use powerful acids to exfoliate your skin. Alternatively, you can improve your sun damage and fix age-related problems by getting a VI Derm Peel.


If you have skin tags, age spots, and other blemishes on your skin, you should think about correcting these problems with ThermoClear. During this non-invasive treatment, we will use radiofrequency technology to eliminate these imperfections. It’s common to experience dramatic improvements in your complexion after you receive one ThermoClear treatment.

Transform Your Skin

Experiencing sun damage and developing wrinkles and loose skin can make you look perpetually tired and sad. Receiving a Morpheus8 treatment will renew your skin and take several years off of your appearance. If you are interested in using this powerful technique to transform your look, you should contact us at Capitis Medical & Aesthetics in Roseville, California to schedule an initial treatment.

Please contact Capitis Medical & Aesthetics today if you have any questions.

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