Peptide Therapy: Harnessing the Magic of our own Anti-Aging Potential

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are small or incomplete proteins that are made from amino acids.  Many drugs are peptides or proteins.  Essentially, peptides serve as the building blocks for most structures in the body.  They are also involved with almost all chemical reactions and transportation of signals and information in the body.  Without them, we would be a pile of fat and sugar. 

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy is the use of synthesized peptides that copy peptides that already exist in humans and living organisms to treat diseases or stop or slow aging.  If used correctly, many peptides can enhance healing, physical performance, mental performance, and slow and even potentially stop the cellular aging process.  Though peptides are not steroids, they can help our bodies activate our own hormones and bring balance back to our aging bodies.  There are even some peptides that can activate telemerase and lengthen telomeres, protecting our DNA from damage due to aging.  Most of the peptides are well tolerated and safe if administered under the guidance of a physician.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Protocols

In addition to specific peptides that Dr. Crose uses to treat specific ailments, he also has put together specific protocols to treat general types of problems depending on what the patient is looking to address:

Energy UP

Includes MVT and NAD+ infusions with another peptide. This protocol is provided over a 2 month period with 2-4 different IV therapy sessions and significantly increases patient energy and mitochondrial function. $2700-$3700

Acute Injury

This protocol is coordinated with Dr. Crose and is administered over a 6 week period and includes Ipamorelin among other peptides for rapid tissue healing. $1620-$1820

Chronic Injury

This protocol is very similar to the acute injury protocol with slightly different dosing of the peptides and is approximately 2-3 months. $1900


Arguably the most profound of the protocols addressing energy levels, mitochondrial health, immune system, nerve, and brain cell health as well as increasing cell lifespan by extending telomeres. 2-month protocol. Includes Thymosine alpha 1. $5070 – $6070

Neuroregenerative and Neuroprotection

This protocol is designed to protect brain and peripheral nerve cells from environmental toxins and stress as well as increase survival and increase synaptic connections in the brain.  It is a great protocol for helping with brain injury as well as neurodegenerative diseases or just to boost function. 2 month protocol. Includes TB4. $3270 – $5020