I recommend this practitioner without hesitation

I am a nurse practitioner and have practiced in emergency medicine and genetics medicine for 20 years. I’ve had many colleagues, friends, and patients who have sought out cosmetic procedures or surgery and afterward, I’ve yet to encounter anyone who appears natural. Everyone knows they’ve had aesthetics procedures and/or cosmetic surgery. In 20 years I haven’t seen anyone provide the services that Arezou Crose NP provides as a master injector. Several patients had recommended her and after 2 years of watching and waiting I decided to visit her. I am turning 50 this year and hoped to have some mild touch ups. I had some unique issues that were more challenging and she spent almost 2 hours with me–discussing my concerns and carefully performing the procedures. I’m delighted with the outcome! If you prefer to age gracefully and wish to avoid the waxy appearance or duck lips encountered with the majority of cosmetic physicians and practitioners, Ms. Arezou Crose FNP, Master Injector is the best choice.

I recommend this practitioner without hesitation.