How Hydrafacial Works & What To Expect

Get the best skin of your life!

Our non-invasive procedure enhances skin health, attends to specific issues, and produces a radiance unlike any other. It is carried out using a device, as opposed to a hand, for deeper penetration and longer-lasting benefits.

The wand’s vacuum-like movement opens pores for a thorough clean and makes it simple to remove pollutants and dead skin cells. Additionally, it enables the active components in our boosters to enter deeper for the best possible treatment.

A Hydrafacial procedure is quick and effective, taking as little as 30 minutes. Since there is no downtime following the procedure, you can immediately put on makeup and resume your regular activities.

Great Skin Hydrafacial

What Is Hydrafacial Good For?

Treatments with Hydrafacial aren't just for your face! Get immediate, dazzling results by focusing on other areas that require some attention.


Congestion & Acne, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Elasticity & Firmness, Hydration, Dark Spots, Pigmentation, Redness, Pore Size


Neck & Décolleté, Hands, Booty, Back, Thighs, Arms

Lip & Eye

Perk Lip, Perk Eye


hydrafacial procedure on woman

The 3 Steps To The Hydrafacial Procedure


Reveals a fresh layer of skin by gently peeling off old skin and thoroughly cleansing it.


Uses moderate suction to remove impurities from pores without causing pain.


Delivers nourishing, customized nutrients and powerful moisturizers to the skin’s surface.

Is Hydrafacial Worth It?

The basis for youthful, healthy skin is hydration. It has been found that skin irritation makes aging indications worse. Treatments using Hydrafacials are soothing and hydrating.

Numerous consumers claim that after just one treatment, their skin was visibly refined and had an even, radiant tone. Hydration and smooth results can endure for up to 7 days. One treatment per month is advised to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, oily skin, and congestion because we don’t believe in rapid remedies. To preserve the benefits of initial Hydrafacial treatments, frequent sessions are advised.

Where To Get A Hydrafacial?

Dr. Joshua Crose and Arezou Crose FNP are licensed Hydrafacialist Specialists with offices in Roseville and San Diego, California. They have built a medical practice that provides both beauty and medical treatments. Their belief is that medicine and the preservation and promotion of beauty and health can and should go hand-in-hand. Patients of Capitis Medical & Aesthetics will be treated as a person with distinct individual needs and we will strive to provide the best and most honest advice based on your specific goals.

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